Home Improvements Shows


There are so many home improvement themed TV shows nowadays that people can no longer keep up. This kind of shows are made for people who like to make quick changes in their home. Oprah has helped revolutionize this business by introducing the talented Interior designer Nate Berkus some years ago on her show. Now Nate has his own daytime TV show. Here are the list of the best home improvement shows on TV:

1. Exrtreme Makeover, Home Edition – Show that takes a struggling family’s home and renovates it to be a masterpiece. The professional team of designers show the viewers what works and what doesn’t work in spaces. It is also a show where half the people watching end up in tears because of the grateful homeowner’s reaction when they first see their “new” home.

2. Sweat Equity – the show helps homeowners improve/ renovate their homes in a way that adds the most value to their property. All the projects are also done in a limited budget for people who are reluctant to make a change because they think they can’t afford it.

3. Design On A Dime – seen on HGTV, this show helps viewers focus on one area in the house and make changes without spending more than a $1000