Attic Bedroom Idea

Attics have a very appealing feel compared to other parts of the house because of its unusual shape. Not a lot of attics in homes are worked on. Most houses use it as a storage room but an attic, though not very big, has so much potential.

How exciting is it to have a secret room in your house that looks and feels so relaxing? Attic is that perfect place for that. How do you design an attic? It should be a balance between comfort and style. If you will refer to the photo above, you will see that the attic is designed in a minimal way. A comfortable couch/hammock is hanging on the ceiling, a small coffee table is placed beside the hammock, the windows are not covered with curtains to allow natural lighting in. The walls are painted white making the room look bright and welcoming. A touch of color is added with the colorful throw pillows.