Remodeling Ideas


When remodeling a house, it’s easy to just be conventional and conservative about changes. Like changing the bathroom tiles or re-arranging furniture. But remodeling should be fun! One should get out of their comfort zone, think out of the box and make a change that people, including yourself will notice. Here are just a few examples of big time make overs.


Instead of a bathtub, why don’t you take the tub out which would then mean more space and install a really good shower head. Preferably the extra big one that can cover two people. That way, you don’t just save more water compared to when you use a bath, it’s also more sanitary and showering with your hubby is a yes.


Instead of shelves and cabinets, why don’t you have a walk- in pantry instead. Walk-ins don’t always have to be in bedrooms consisting clothes. It can also be for food and kitchen supplies. It stores a lot more and it’s perfect for avoiding clutter around the kitchen.