Do It Yourself: Electrical Wiring (3 of 4)

by mheo soriano

3.) Get the right tools

Soldering iron – For bonding wires in place. This will make wire knots difficult to undo.

Wire Cutters –The length of the wires should come out as stated in the plan to avoid fitting problems.

Wire Strippers – Wire strippers are used to strip the insulators off the wires exposing it so that it can be connected to another conductor.

Pliers – Pliers are used to bend wires so that they can fit in circuit boards.

Screwdrivers – You need these primarily for the screws that you will attach in the connection (Outlets usually are screwed tightly to the walls).

Test equipment – This will aid you in determining whether your connection was successful or not.

To be continued…

How to Hide Wires and Cables

Wires and cables make modern living possible. But they are also the most unsightly parts of a modern home. Without provision for wiring and cabling, like ample power outlets, hidden raceways, and such, these would snake around hour house and become copper eye-sores. Most of us would want to do without this problem.

There are a lot of methods of hiding wires, such as with base boards and cornices that look like the real thing, but after closer inspection actually have built-in raceways where you could route your snaking cables inside. Not only do they hide messy cabling, they also give additional good looks to a room, getting rid of the multi-colored wire bundles usually causing trips and falls.

If wires cross a pathway, or snake through the floor, metal, plastic or wood channels that look like speed bumps only with a lower profile can be used. Be sure to get them installed properly so you won’t get into accidents, if installed too tall. If you have kids, get cables routed through the ceiling to prevent electrocution hazards.

Of course, if you’re running your home computer network, you can always consider wireless!

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