Easy Ways to Add A Vietnamese Touch To Your Home Interior

Asian-influenced home design has been around for a very long time; the strong aesthetics of bold color, interesting textures, and a calming zen-like feeling are just as popular as ever, especially incorporating Japanese and Chinese elements. For something a little different, we suggest looking to Vietnam.

The interestingness of Vietnamese culture is how it’s almost a balance of East and West, a Southeast Asian country colonized first by the French, then the site of perhaps the longest “proxy” war in history, the Vietnam War. The latter left many lasting effects on the country many years later, including thousands of children of wartime comfort women and health problems left over from chemical weaponry such as Agent Orange. Since the fall of Saigon, however, the country has been slowly rebuilding itself, and embracing the beauty of its singular culture- something that is evident in Vietnamese art and design.

Vietnamese Pottery

Vietnamese ceramics include classic blue and white An’nan ware, particularly popular in Japan, who exported it in large quantities for their tea ceremonies. Modern Vietnamese pottery usually hails from Lai Thieu in Southern Vietnam.

Vietnamese Teak Furniture

It was the French who brought Teak, or Tectona grandis to Vietnam at the turn of the century. Some of the most beautiful teak furniture come from the country, and are hardy enough to survive in Vietnam’s volatile weather conditions.

Vietnamese Accessories

Creative craftmanship using materials such as wood, brass, and metal, are marks of typical Vietnamese accessories, as are interesting textiles of various weaves.

Some of our favorite sources for Vietnamese home decor include:

  • Ngoc Dong Hanam – supplies Walmart, Target, Tesco, and others.
  • Oriental Home – features Vietnamese lacquerware and bamboo crafts.
  • Vietnam Handicraft – everything from beautiful handmade chess sets to stylish rattan handbags.

Redesigning your Home

Sketching the floor plan of your home will to familiarize yourself with what you already have, and thus helping you make a decision based on the floor plan of your home.

Now these are the things to consider when Planning to Renovate your Home.

How will the space/room be used by you (or your family)?
What sort of activity will take place in the said room, who would use it, for what activity and when?

Check out each room to see it’s potential, which activities would happily coexist and/or would conflict with each room or space.

Map out rooms that are based on the blueprints look for possible routes around your home. How much space is used for circulation? Is the amount of space being taken up by the stairs, halls, and landings excessive and if so could it be used for other purposes as well as storage and work areas?

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